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The Biggest Jewish Cultural Event in Finland

coming soon


What's it all about?

In Hebrew, Limud means learning- and that's what it's all about. We are a

community that creates spaces and places so that you can craft your own Jewish

experience, explore your connection.


Limud is also a Jewish Cultural Learning festival – an annual event in Helsinki,

open to everyone with a Jewish connection, from the age of 3 to 103…

Limud is accessible and totally volunteer-run and participant driven – we are all 



Limud is also… much more!

Find out for yourself and join the experience! 

Full programme
out now!


Simo Muir

Helsingin jiddish-kabareen monet kasvot /// Jiddishinkielisiä levyharvinaisuuksia Harry Orvomaan levykokoelmasta

Ivana Koutníková

Judaism in Popular Culture /// Testimonial of the Condemned - forgotten survivors´ testimonies /// 

Jewish Papercuts in a Nutshell

Noa Israeli

Holiness, worship, and politics: Trends in the perception of the sacred space in contemporary Judaism /// Judaism and the environment - can Judaism offer a fruitful environmental gospel?

Benji Elson

Torah and Cutting Edge Therapeutic Modalities: What do the Jewish Sources have to say about them? /// A Torah Vision for Society: Tackling Modern-day Issues with an Ancient Lens /// Mindfulness and Jewish Thought: What is it and how to do it?

Mia Hasenson-Gross

Human rights as a legacy of the Holocaust: the case of the Ukraine war /// The Uyghur Genocide and our responsibility to act today

Suomen Kirkko ja juutalaisuus –työryhmä

Kirkko ja juutalaisuus

Sagit Yehoshua

Social Psychology profile of terrorist leaders in Israeli prisons

/// The changing profile of terrorism in Israel and around the world /// Radicalisation processes in Israel and around the world

Martin Englund

”We, the expelled”: Historical Experiences among the Forced Polish Jewish Migration that came to Sweden 1967-1972 /// What is antisemitism and what is racism?

Agnieszka Baraszko

Between Behemot and Unicorn: Jewish fantastic beasts and symbolism – lecture /// Jewish Papercuts in a Nutshell 

Merci Czimbalmos

Debunking Antisemitism in Finland

Chaya & Zushe Abelsky

Modern-Day Miracles - Real-life stories of how thousands of Ukrainian refugees were saved /// Charity, Shmarity - Why not just have the rich people give and leave me alone? /// Superwomen - Today's religious women are rocking it in every way, and religion is their superpower!

Szonja Ráhel Komoróczy

The importance of wearing tsitses: A juicy story from the Talmud /// How should we imagine Sinai?





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