Lars M Andersson, b. 1961, senior lecturer. Andersson has mainly done research on Swedish antisemitism and refugee policy but has also published high school textbooks on history and religious studies, anthologies on contemporary history, counterfactual history, images as historical sources, liability issues and moral debate in historical accounts, migration and Swedish Jewish history. Andersson received his doctorate in Lund in 2000 and was hired in 2003 at the Department of History in Uppsala as a university lecturer in modern Swedish political history. He was Director of Studies for Master's and doctoral studies 2003-2006 and 2006-20012 Head of the department. Currently, he is one of two Directors of Forum for Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Theology.

Lars M Andersson

Miriam Attias is a community/ workplace mediator. She has worked with conflicts within international teams and local intercultural communities. She founded the first Community Mediation Center in Finland and lead the work of mediating neighbourhood conflicts for 5 years. Currently she is working with her team in a newly founded think thank, The Round Table Initiative, on preventing escalation of polarisation, inter-group violences, related hate crimes and violent extremism in Finland.

Miriam Attias

Gavriella is a community builder. She currently leads the annual program of the 248 Community Action Network of the Jewish Agency. Gavriella is also a former shlicha to Finland and has worked with various Jewish communities around the globe in informal education and programming. She holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Research, Management and Resolution and a BA in International Relations, both from the Hebrew University. In her spare time, she co-directs the Beit Prat Community Choir. Being passionate about the diversity of the Jewish people, she leads her team in bringing songs of the past and present from around the Jewish world to her choir in Jerusalem.

Gavriella Bigio Dahan

Ruth Esther Blank is a singer, with much experience working with children, promoting their musical development through songs, dances and musical games. Ruth graduated at the Jerusalem (Rubin) Academy High School of Music and Dance, specializing in singing performance. In Israel Ruth sang in leading choirs such as the Ramat Gan chamber choir, in Finland she has been a member of the "Maailmaan Lapset Lähemäksi" project and has initiated the "Interactive international Children's Music" project, among others. Currently, Ruth is working as "Muskari" teacher at Chabad Lubavitch of Helsinki and running the "Hebrew Club" at the Jewish community of Helsinki.

Ruth Blank

Valeria Conte is an Italian musician and designer living in Stockholm, Sweden. BA in Applied Textile Arts. BA in classical clarinet and GLOMAS MA in Global Music, she has investigated the connection between Jewish music and culture. She studied Klezmer music since 2006 and performed with various multicultural projects in Europe and Israel. Graduate from the "Paideia One-Year Jewish Studies Program" she is currently teaching at Paideia Folkhögskola and attending an online MA in Theology and Religion (Jewish Studies) at Lund University, Sweden.

Valeria Conte

Rachel Creeger is an award-winning comedian, director and writer, BBC Radio regular and the only practising orthodox Jewish woman on the UK comedy circuit. Her previous show “It's No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl” won Best Comedy Award at Manchester Fringe, had a sell-out run in Edinburgh, and went on to tour the UK and Israel. Her recent Edinburgh show “Hinayni!” received 5* and 4* reviews and will be touring in 2020.

Rachel Creeger

Merci Czimbalmos (5.dan) started kendo at the age of 13. She made several results at international, and national championships as the member of the Hungarian national team. Since 2016, she is the captain of the Finnish national team, the chairperson of the University of Helsinki Kendo Club, and the treasurer of the Finnish Kendo Association.

Mercédesz Czimbalmos Czimbalmos

An informal Jewish Educator.  Currently, the Acting Executive Director of the Centre for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora of the World Zionist Organization. Ilan is a graduate of a Hesder Yeshiva, has studied Jewish educational philosophy, and trained as an Actor. Ilan is English born, was a Shaliach in the US and lived most his life in Israel. He has traveled to most of the Jewish orthodox communities in the world in his various educational roles as educational director for World Bnei Akiva and director of the youth movement Shlichim of the Jewish Agency. Ilan has lots of experience in training and inspiring Jewish Educators. Ilan is married to Oshrat.<They have 4 daughters and live in Modiin.

Ilan Frydman

Marina is an organizational consultant, a certified group facilitator and a coach. Since 2003 Marina directs the Buncher Community Leadership Program at JDC-Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition, she serves as a JDC liaison for the Jewish communities of Portugal and Finland, and coordinates Training Fund that supports training needs of individual communities. Marina is a Jerusalem Fellow, a graduate of the Mandel Leadership Institute two-year fellowship program for senior Jewish professionals; she holds an MA in Linguistics from Moscow State Linguistic University and an MA in Sociology and Anthropology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In her spare time Marina volunteers in a shelter for homeless girls. She lives in Jerusalem with her spouse Valery and their pack of 6 rescued cats and dogs.

Marina Goutman

Beto Guzman studied International Studies and Intercultural Studies in Communication in Mexico and Finland, and has experiences with many cultures and societies. As a Jewish professional he has now been working to give new energy to the local youth.

Beto Guzman

Dr. Yehiel Harari is a sought-after speaker in the area of Jewish psychology (Chassidus and Kabbalah), parenting and education, and creative thinking. He holds a PhD from Tel Aviv University, and has taught there as well as at the School of Communication at Sapir College. He has also served as a journalist, a parliamentary aide in the Israeli Knesset, and as a communication consultant and senior professional adviser in various government offices. Harari is the author of nine books (Yediot Sfarim). Is last books (The secret of the Rebbe, winning Every moment, The art of Elevation and Upside down, creative thinking, the Jewish way) was an instant bestseller in Israel.

Yehiel Harari

Karmela Liebkind on Helsingin yliopiston sosiaalipsykologian emeritaprofessori. Hän on vuosikymmeniä tutkinut etnisten ja kulttuuriryhmien välisiä suhteita sekä enemmistö- ettävähemmistöryhmien näkökulmasta, esimerkiksi vähemmistöidentiteettiä, syrjintää ja sen kokemista, ennakkoluuloja, stereotypioita ja erilaisia rasismin muotoja. Hänellä on n. 230 tieteellistä julkaisua.

Karmela Liebkind

Meet Sarah Arnd Linder, a francophone Dane who has lived in Israel for 13 years (BA in Conflict Resolution and International Affairs from IDC and MA in History of the Middle East from Tel Aviv University), founder of Political is Personal - PiP - an initiative of in-depth interviews conducted with Israeli Jewish and Palestinian women, who freely share how their lives have been affected by the conflict.

Sarah Linder

The “Minhag Finland” research group consists of five researchers: MA Mercédesz Czimbalmos, docent Ruth Illman, docent Simo Muir, Dr Dóra Pataricza and Dr Riikka Tuori.

Finland Minhag

HT-tilintarkastaja. Osakasyrittäjä asiantuntijayhteisössä, erityisosaamisalueena mm. yhdistykset. Jäsen kymmenessä eri yhdistyksessä, hallituksen jäsen ja varapuheenjohtaja WIZO ry:ssä.

Päivi Mishael

Rudy Rochman was born in France and grew up moving around the world. At 17, he joined the IDF and served as a sniper in the Paratroopers, which he still serves as a reservist today. After the army, he began publicly standing up for Israel on college campuses and founded a grassroots pro-Israel movement at Columbia University called Students Supporting Israel. SSI Columbia revolutionized campus discourse through ground-breaking activism, while simultaneously establishing an international movement, which has today grown to 50 campuses worldwide. Rudy consitenalty creates educational viral videos that inspire, educates and empowers the next generation of Jews and allies to be ideologically strong. In 2018, he received the 36 Under 36 award of the most influential Jews in the world. Rudy currently runs his own businesses, is doing an MBA program in Israel, and is working on a new project that focuses on generating social and economic incentives in Israel to inspire the next wave of Aliyah for young Jews in the diaspora.

Rudy Rochman

Dr Pontus Rudberg is a Swedish historian, currently employed as a researcher at the Hugo Valentin Centre at Uppsala University. In 2015 he defended his PhD thesis about the Swedish Jewish response to the Nazi persecutions of the Jews and the Holocaust. He has since published extensively on this and related topics, and is currently conducting research on the rehabilitation and integration of Holocaust survivors in Sweden, after the war. He is also leading the Yerusha-project in Sweden, a research project that aims to map and present sources to Jewish history in Swedish archives to scholars as well as to the public in an accessible way.

Pontus Rudberg

Dov Segev-Steinberg was born in Tel Aviv in 1956. After serving in the Israel ́s Defence Force, Mr. Segev-Steinberg studied in Tel Aviv University and received a combined degree in Arabic Literature and History of the Middle East. Mr. Segev-Steinberg entered Israel ́s Foreign Service in 1983. During his diplomatic career, Mr. Segev-Steinberg had various diplomatic postings abroad, including the United States, China, India, Egypt, Qatar, and South Africa, where he served as Israel ́s Ambassador between 2008 and 2013. In addition, Mr. Segev-Steinberg held positions in the Headquarters of Israel ́s Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, amongst them heading the Egypt Department and dealing with other issues related to the Middle East. From September 2016, Mr. Dov Segev-Steinberg is serving as the Ambassador of Israel to Finland and as a non-resident Ambassador to Estonia.

Dov Segev-Steinberg

Melanie Sobell Zaken (Mel), is a British-born Israeli who lives in Jerusalem. While not being chronologically millennial, she is now in her third career, having worked for over a decade in informal Jewish education before beginning work as a fundraiser at the Joint (JDC), where she is currently Director of Human Resources for Europe, Africa and Asia. Mel is a Board member of Kehilat Kol Haneshama, the flagship Reform community in Jerusalem. Married to Benny, Mel's main claim to fame nowadays is that she is Yali Zaken's mum.

Melanie Sobell Zaken

Anna Verschik is professor of general linguistics at Tallinn University (Estonia). Her field is language contacts and multilingualism. She has published on the Yiddish language and its contacts with the co-territorial languages in the Baltic region as well as on translation theory (case-studies of translations from Yiddish into Estonian and Lithuanian). She teaches Yiddish in Vilnius Summer Programme in the Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture.

Anna Verschik

Dr. Alana M. Vincent is Associate Professor of Jewish Philosophy, Religion and Imagination at the University of Chester, UK. Her areas of research include Holocaust representation, Jewish-Christian relations, and religion and the arts. She is the author of Making Memory: Jewish and Christian Explorations in Monument, Narrative and Liturgy (Pickwick, 2013) and editor of Jewish Thought, Utopia and Revolution (Rodopi, 2014). She is currently writing The Consequences of Imagination: Holocaust Representation and the Politics of Reconciliation in American Popular Culture.

Alana Vincent

Alex is NYS licensed clinical psychotherapist and certified group psychotherapist with BA from Ben Gurion University and Bar Ilan University (Israel) and Master’s Degree from New York University, three years of postgraduate studies for Clinical Psychotherapy and two year studies for Group Psychotherapy in Selig Institute in NYC. He works as an individual and group psychotherapist at counseling center of Jewish Board of Family and Children’s’ Services in Brooklyn, NY. He also maintains a caseload of private clients and active presenter in NY Russian Jewish community and in Jewish communities around the world including Limmud conferences.

Alexander Yentin

Aged 15, Yali Zaken has studied piano since the age of 7 under Lena Nemirovsky at Hassadna Conservatory Jerusalem, where he also participates in chamber music ensembles and studies theory and composition. Yali won first prize at the Piano Forever competition (2018), and second prize at the Pnina Zalzman competition (2019). He is one of the first pianists to be included in the Outstanding Musicians program of Israel's Ministry of Education; is a recipient of a Zefunot Culture scholarship, and was awarded a Scholarship for Excellence by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation for 2018-2020. A participant in the Jerusalem Music Center Piano Program since 2017, he was one of only nine students selected to participate in Maestro Murray Perahia's summer course of masterclasses in 2019. Yali has performed in the UK, Belgium, Italy and Germany, has given two solo recitals in Jerusalem, and has played with the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra (2019) and the Virtuoso Brunenses Orchestra (2018). Yali is a tenth-grader in the gifted students program of the Hebrew University High School.

Yali Zaken

An American-born Israeli historian and Nazi hunter who has played a key role in bringing indicted Nazi and fascist war criminals to trial. The director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre office in Jerusalem

Efraim Zuroff

Valeria Conte - clarinet / Lotta-Maria Pitkänen - violin / Isabel Douglass - accordion

Hevruta beMusica