The author and tour guide Ariel Livson has been living in Israel for 20 years. He studied archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during 1971-1975 . Livson has taken part in excavations at Megiddo, the Negev and Sinai. While working in the service of Antiquities of Israel in Jerusalem in 1975 by Ariel Livson restored and visitors known Nehemiah, and the Jebusites, the walls of David in Jerusalem near the Gihon source, and carried out investigations at the first term of the temple tombs Jaffa gate. Livson has become known for thousands of Finns-Israeli visitors 40 years of manual activities. His book "Israel - the promised land" is also an excellent guide for a trip to Israel to design, or for those looking for information about Israel. He has also recently written and published a biography titled "Ariel of the Promised Land", in Finnish.

Ariel Livson on valmistunut arkeologiksi Heprealaisesta yliopistosta Jerusalemissa ja toiminut turistioppaana Israelissa jo 46 vuotta.  Häneltä on ilmestynyt kirja Israel-luvattu maa ja myös juuri ilmestynyt elämänkerta Luvatun maan Ariel.

Ariel Livson