György Németh was born on 25 June 1956 in Kaposvár, Hungary. In 1980 he finished his studies in Hungarian Language and Literature and History at the Faculty of Arts, ELTE, Budapest, and, in 1982 in Ancient Greek. In 1982 he received his summa cum laude doctor's degree under the supervision of Professor István Hahn. In 1981 he began to work in the Department of Ancient History at ELTE. He took part and presented papers in many international conferences. He was guest professor in Clermont-Ferrand (Université Blaise Pascal). In 2007 he became head of the Department of Ancient History at ELTE, Budapest. His fields of research include archaic and classical Greece, internal politics of Athens in the 5thc. B.C., Greek epigraphy and Greek magic.

György Németh