Jorge Gershon born in Melilla, North Africa and studied business in Seville, Spain. He worked in Cordoba promoting the Jewish Museum call Casa de Sefarad. When he was living in Cracow, Poland, he become volunteer at JCC and he participate in Beit Krakow, the Progressive Jewish Community, discovering the integration of the "Polish Hidden Jews". He became a member of MASA-Masul Ishi, and passed one year in Tel Aviv, where he was educated in Jewish Studies and in Jewish Leadership. Today he is the Cultural Manager at Jewish Center of Seville and also in Seville he is Member Board of Beit Rambam, the local Jewish Community. He created DU-KIUM, a fundamental cross-cultural project for all those who wish to rediscover Judaism in Spain and he is co-founder of Makom Sefarad a cultural project dedicated to facilitating spaces of dialog and coexistence through activities and programs connected to the history and legacy of Jewish Spain.

Jorge Gershon