Mark Halawa was born and raised in Kuwait to an Arab Muslim family of a Palestinian background. All along, Mark knew his maternal grandmother was Jewish, but never knew this made him a Jew. In 2004, while a University student in Canada, Mark came across a popular Rabbi and professor of philosophy from Harvard, Dr Yitzchak Block, who informed him that by Jewish law he is actually Jewish, making Mark the enemy he grew up learning to hate. Mark’s curiosity brought him to start learning about Judaism. A few years later, an impactful trip to Poland and a visit to Israel in 2009, made him fall in love with the Jewish people. In 2010, Mark decided to make Israel his home and has since become a liaison between Israeli and Middle Eastern businesses, and an outspoken an outspoken advocate for Israel. Mark and his Israeli-Finnish wife currently live in Jerusalem with their 2 daughters.

Mark Halawa