Mirjam Solomon (b.1984) is a psychologist from Espoo Finland with a Master of Psychology degree from Helsinki University. She works in the Espoo City Family Counseling services in a specialized team giving therapeutic treatment exclusively for families who are either expecting a baby or who have a baby under 1 year old. She helps parents who are having trouble bonding with their baby or forming a sufficient and satisfactory interaction and attachment with their baby. Mirjam is also a professional singer graduated from Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory in 2008. Nowadays she’s working mainly in vocal ensemble and chamber choir settings especially within the genre of contemporary art music. Mirjam is a mother of two daughters and she is married to Mike Solomon who grew up in New Jersey, USA. Mirjam is an active member in the Helsinki Jewish Community, participating in events regularly and enjoying learning about everything having to do with Judaism. Her other special interests include reading, meaningful conversations and cooking.

Mirjam Solomon