Raymond O'Brien was born to a Jewish mother and an Irish father, his mother's side of the family were a family of 'seers' he is a natural born medical intuitive, he has died 10 times in one night and had multiple near-death experiences. Raymond has worked with the medical profession to help NDE survivors to try to process the psychological ripples that come through such an event, he has been published by the John Hopkins University in connection with the gap of care for survivors. He has spent 18 months on a chemo-unit as Registered Healer and as a diagnostic seer with the 'Healing Trust UK, and has done voluntary work for a major UK charity as a trained counsellor, Raymond is also a member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapy, he has also had a been keynote speaker for IANDS, specialising in the psychological effects of NDE's .

Raymond O'Brien