Simon Livson was born in Jerusalem and lived in Mevaseret Zion for 7 years. Son of a Finnish Jewish couple. Moved 1989 with his parents to central Finland and went through the non-Jewish school system. Got more interested in halachic Judaism when serving in the Finnish army, studied and graduated from business administration (BA), followed by Yeshivat Mayanot in Jerusalem for a summer programme in 2006. Went on to study at Yeshivat Hamivtar in 2007. Married Sivan Glazer-Livson and graduated in 2010. Rabbi Livson has three rabbinical ordinations. One from Hamivtar, one from Dayan Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and one from YCT, New York, where he studied from his third rabbinical ordination 2010-2012. Simon Livson started working as the rabbi of Helsinki on 01 July 2012, and was inducted as Chief Rabbi of Finland half a year later. He supervises all religious matters in Finland. He has four children, loves Judaism and Am Israel.

Simon Livson