Rabbi Yechiel Wasserman is Member of the World Zionist Organization's executive board and Head of the Center for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora. Born in Israel (1950) he holds a Masters degree in Education and a B.A. degree in Education and Criminology from Bar Ilan University, he studied 6 years in Yeshivat Hesder Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem, where he received his ordination. He served with the Israel Defense Forces as a tank crew-member. He served in a number of educational positions for twenty years: nine years as a Rabbi in B’nei Akiva Yeshiva high school Givat Shemuel, eight years as an educational supervisor and three years as an educational representative of the Jewish Agency on the west coast of U.S.A. He served ten years as a deputy mayor of the City of Givatayim. Rabbi Wasserman has served as an active member on a number of educational committees. He has also written several booklets on the Oral Law and Judaic thought, and has published numerous articles over the years on a variety of topics in Israeli journals and academic periodicals. He is married to Rina and they have three married children and ten grandchildren.

Yechiel Wasserman