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Our story

Limud is a celebration of Jewish culture, creativity and learning like no other.  It is based on the idea that everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher.  Limud is a global community committed to a unique combination of principles and values including learning, teaching, volunteerism, diversity and respect. At Limud there is room for every subject – art, spirituality, philosophy, music, food and more.

Limud International was started 30 years ago, but has been adopted in over 60 countries around the world and draws thousands of new participants each year. Limud is a worldwide movement that started in Great Britain in 1980 and has grown to include programs in multiple locations in Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia & Australasia, Israel and the UK, and NOW also here in Helsinki for the third year running!


Limud presenters include rabbis, historians, commentators, academics, photographers, psychologists, journalists, teachers, authors, musicians, doctors, activists, sociologists, lawyers, film makers, artists and many other interesting personalities…

Whatever your Jewish background, all are accepted at Limud and all are encouraged to have a voice and share their ideas. The programs consist of a combination of talks by experts, lectures by laypeople, discussions, workshops, musical and art entertainment and many other activities.

Limmud itself does not advocate a particular approach to any of the topics which are discussed.  We merely invite you to be part of discussion. 


Limud Helsinki, like all Limud events worldwide, presents events that are completely volunteer-run and volunteer-driven.  We need YOU to help make it happen! Join our teams of volunteers.

Our values


We encourage the creation of a learning environment in which everyone should be a student, and anyone can be a teacher as we are all able to reflect, grow, and give over our own ideas to others. Learning embraces personal development, knowledge and skills, as well as changes people, inspires action and opens new worlds. 

Enabeling connections

We aim to create opportunities for communities and individuals to connect.
We recognise the strength of providing a space where spiritual, emotional and intellectual connections are made.


We expect all participants to be respectful of one another and to recognize that all volunteers are also participants.

Religious Observance

We seek to create an inclusive environment for all participants whatever their religious observance practices. We expect all participants to respect shabbat and kashrut observance during Limud programming. Limud Helsinki begins after shabbat ends, and preparations do not take place during shabbat.


Limud is a community of learning. We believe we can all benefit from learning from one another in an environment focused on respect and open-mindedness. We gain from, and should give something back to, the Jewish and wider community.


We inspire people to be ambitious about their contribution.  We challenge people, and trust them to rise to that challenge. We see the potential of individuals and communities, and support their development. We empower people to make choices and provide the information they need to inform those choices. 


We seek to create cross-communicational and inter-generational experiences for all Jews of every background. Our programming touches on different types of Jewish perspectives to make the conference accessible and relatable for everyone.

Expanding Jewish horizons

We strive to create individual, collective, and communal experiences, through which we strengthen and develop our Jewish Identity.


Volunteerism is a key feature of almost everything we do.
We are all responsible for each other and for the communities we create – everyone has an important contribution to make. We believe that every participant has the potential to contribute something to Limud.

Arguments for the Sake of Heaven

We recognize and appreciate that “arguments for the sake of heaven” can make a positive contribution to furthering our education and understanding. We do not participate in legitimizing or delegitimizing any religious or political position found in the worldwide Jewish community. This is a safe space where personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Limud Team

Ariel Nadbornik 
Dóra Pataricza
Avital Nadbornik
Avi Valk  
Maria Starter 
Natalie Ref
Shani Armon 
Tal Sirén
Tuuli Levit



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