The Event

The Limud Helsinki Team of volunteers have put a lot of work in planning, thinking, discussing and dreaming up the best Jewish event just for you!  

Limud Helsinki came into reality for the first time in January 2016 and we managed to have a unique, inspiring and unifying event - and this year it will be even better!


FRIDAY 13.5.2012 18-20:30 &

SUNDAY 15.5.2022 11-18:00

We are happy and proud to bring you presenters from near and far and as we all know the Jews in Finland have long had a strong affinity for culture; be it music, theatre, sport or lively debates and lectures. 

Our programme is shaping up and we are updating the website continuously with new information! 

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Have a look at our presenters and programme!

Limud Helsinki 2022 is organized in memory of Eva Bensky z”l