How can you support?

As you now know, Limud Helsinki is a volunteer-run and volunteer-driven event.


Revenue generated from ticket sales does not cover all of our expenses. In order to keep Limud accessible to the community and offer affordable ticket prices, we need financial help from others.


We are committed to continuing to bring to Helsinki and surrounding areas this unique inclusive festival of Jewish learning that embraces the diversity of the Jewish community.


We greatly appreciate any amount that you offer us. Donations to Limud Helsinki can be done via the Jewish Community of Helsinki’s website, by marking your donation toward Jewish cultural heritage in Finland, you will be supporting Limud Helsinki.


Please email us after making your donation. For gifts of products or services please make arrangements with a Volunteer Committee member.


All advertisements are subject to Limud’s approval. 

Note that if your sponsorship is past our printing deadline your acknowledgement will be on the website instead


Thank you!